Your Questions Are Never a Burden on a Realtors’ Time!

    Your Questions Are Never a Burden on a Realtor’s Time!
    The team at Jacobo Realty Group has combined over 40 years of experience. We have seen almost every possible real estate situation and have a breadth of experience in the industry.
    In our industry, we are constantly receiving requests from potential clients who are many years away from purchasing a home. Many are simply gathering information on the market, researching home prices in anticipation of buying sometime later, planning for how much money they will need for a downpayment, or considering moving a new area and exploring their options. Many times, these potential clients have expressed concerns over occupying a realtor’s time when they are not yet committed to actually buying in the area. 
    As professionals in this industry we adamantly refute this concern! We remind these clients that it is in no way a burden. This is what we do for a living, this is our full time job, and we have the time to help you. We want to work with these clients. We are confident in our abilities as realtors. We know that when we are available to help you at these early stages, when you feel the most overwhelmed, it often becomes a long term relationship. We have many clients whom we have worked with for many years before they actually buy a home. Most of these clients have become our friends as well. After many years working with someone, sometimes they have friends or family who also need questions answered. When you can confidently refer a friend or family member to a realtor that you know will answer their questions wisely and effectively, and they will not pressure them or dismiss them if they are years off from buying as well, you feel a sense of satisfaction having helped both your friend or family member and also having helped your new friend, the realtor.
    We do not mind when a question from a potential client does not turn into a home sale. Sometimes, it truly is not the best time for someone to buy. If that is the correct answer to their question, we will gladly give that advice. When a question does turn into a sale, we want it to be on honest terms, for everyone’s best interests. For that reason, when the honest answer doesn’t always lead a client towards buying, we will still openly and honestly give the best advice we can. Because we want to help, we want to build the relationship and we want the business to develop when the situation truly is best for the client. 
    Because we have been in business for so long, and are confident we will continue to be in business for many, many more years, we are more than comfortable banking on the long term relationship. We are experienced and stable and we do not need the quick buck. We strive to cultivate long term relationships with our clients. Sometimes these turn into referrals, strong community relations, and positive references. It’s not always about the sale, we are here and happy to help regardless.  
    If you are exploring your options, please feel free to give us a call we are here to help and happy to answer any questions you might have. 


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