What’s Love Got To Do With Real Estate?

    Love. Love is unquantifiable, undefinable. Love is an abstract noun, something nebulous. This unquantifiable emotion affects the way we do everything. Every choice we make. Real estate is no exception. There is an old saying, “Most people buy on emotion and justify the decision on logic.”
    If you have seen the glimmer of love in the eye of a buyer when looking at a home, you understand. The property may not be perfect on paper, may not be what the buyer described during the initial consultation, and then suddenly all that is thrown out the window and the buyer sets their heart on this property. It is love. 
    There is often something about the home that triggers a positive memory from the past. For example, a young couple, who had viewed more than 50 homes in their target area, stumbled upon a place that had a pond in the back yard. This home had less bedrooms then the husband had originally requested. However, this pond in the backyard reminded him of his childhood. Of learning to fish with his dad in their pond. He described sitting on the bank of the pond, talking with his dad until long after sunset, and rarely ever actually catching a fish. When he saw this pond in the backyard of the imperfect home, his eyes lit up and he imagined sharing the same experiences with his future children. And that was that. They put in an offer, and after a bidding war, paid at the top of their budget. 
    The same can be said for sellers. Have you ever seen an ugly baby- that is from the parent’s perspective? Every parent believes his or her child is beautiful. That is the same emotion some sellers express when showing their homes. A professional realtor will work to understand what the seller loves about this home and then tap into that emotion and nurture that same love in a purchaser. 
    People buy on emotions. Harvard Business School Professor Gerald Zaltman states that 95% of our purchasing decisions happen in our subconscious. It takes a good realtor to pick up on this emotion and help buyers and sellers understand the logic that supports the purchase/sale. 
    The Jacobo Realty Group understands the nuances of love in real estate. We can work with our buyers and sellers to find properties worth falling in love with, and then help keep the logic and reasoning in mind when making the big decision. 

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