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    The Encinitas Classic Car Nights kicks off this Thursday, May 21!

    Encinitas is well known for our love of classic cars. The largest Woodie festival in America centers here, and classic car lovers travel many miles to participate in the classic car events in the area. One of everyone’s favorite events, the Classic Car Night, kicks off this Thursday, May 21, in downtown Encinitas.

    100’s of vintage cars, Model T’s, A’s, Woodies and Duesies, among many, many others, will be cruising along the surf washed cliffs to the town that is now the only coastal cruise in North County San Diego.

    This Thursday kicks off the 16th season of Encinitas Classic Car Nights, formerly known as Rods and Woodies.

    Classic Car Nights will place the third Thursday of every month from May through September. The 2015 season will include more car clubs, bands and activities than ever before! Some of the new events this year include, The VW Bus Night, Heels and Wheels (celebrating female classic car lovers), Porsche Vintage Club, and the Secret Car Club.

    Randomly chosen volunteers will assign winners of tongue-in-cheek awards like those for Best Stickers, Best Fins, Best Flames, Beach Boys Buggy, This Ride’s Not Going To Make It Home Tonight, and more. Even the fire dept has an award, “I’ll Save You Tonight Honey” (Spoiler Alert: The winner is always red.)

    Classic Car Nights officially start at 5:30 and end at 7:30, though many cars start showing up at noon and the crowds tend to linger long after the event is officially over.

    This Thursday there will be special events for opening day, such as Charlie’s Third Annual Vintage Motorcycle Show, The Fabulous Woodies and Little Guys Street Rods, Shelby Club (Cobras too) Tom’s Beach Drifters and the Tower 7 Band, Retro Rockets, and The T-Birds.

    For more information, updates on the bands, car clubs, group applications and sponsors, go to Encinitas 101 Main Street’s website, Encinitas101.com.

    Special thanks to the generous support of O’Reilly Auto Parts and Hagerty Auto Insurance for their generous support of the event.

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