The Colorful Story Of How Moonlight Beach Got It’s Name

    There are many theories as to how Moonlight Beach got it’s name. Some theorize it was due to moonlit picnics on the beach residents would have in the early 1900’s. Another, more interesting theory, involves Al Capone and a wild night of moonshine.
    Some say Moonlight Beach got its name during the bootlegging era of alcohol.  Al Capone ran a big operation in Mexico.  He and his crews would traffic rum-runs up to areas off the coast.  Moonlight Beach was notable from boats offshore because the sand would light up to the boaters looking for shore. One dark night in 1928, a boat quietly slipped ashore full of cans of illegal booze. But plans went awry when the truck dispatched to pick up the cargo got stuck in the sand. Word of the stalled operation quickly spread around town. As scores of residents gathered on the cliffs above the beach, the lone guard fled the scene. With his departure, townspeople helped themselves to the stranded alcohol, and a impromptu moonlit party on the beach ensued. 
    Old Timey Beach Photo
    Photo of beach goers in the 1900’s from the Encinitas Historical Society


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