The Best Mobile Apps for Home Buyers and Sellers

    Technology is a powerful tool in today’s society. As technology advances, we are finding new ways to disseminate information and communicate with each other. Having Google, and any information you can imagine, available at your fingertips makes us better informed, better communicators and ultimately better equipped to make decisions. It is only natural that apps have been created to bring this level of on-the-spot information to one of the hardest financial decisions most people have to make; buying or selling their home. There are many apps available on the market to help with this process. We have compiled a list of some of the best apps available to improve the buying and selling process.

    1) Berkshire Hathaway Home Services App
    Berkshire Hathaway has a very helpful mobile application for buyers. With tools such as home scan, open house scheduler and a listing search feature. The Home Scan allows you to stand in your desired neighborhood and holding your phone up, scan for available properties. The app actually points to the homes on the market right in front of you. The open house scheduler creates a list of open house events in your desired neighborhood on any given day. It allows you to pull up the app, and drive from open house to open house. Helping a buyer be most efficient with their time on open house days. The listing search feature is a great way to review listings, to sort them by neighborhood or price range, and to save favorite properties to a favorites list. If you are interested in this app, please contact our team with your mobile phone number and we will send you the invitation to download.

    2) Zillow
    Zillow is possibly the most popular home search app on the market. It allows buyers and sellers to review all the listings in the MLS, search by desired features and view listings on a map view for comparison. However the Zestimate feature, calculating the home’s market value, is not accurate. This calculation does not take many important factors into consideration. It is always best to contact an experienced realtor to determine your home’s value.

    3) Mortgage Calculator
    Mortgage Calculator is the best way to calculate your potential mortgage. It allows buyers to enter the necessary information, which other apps like Zillow do not account for, including income, down payment and interest rates. Buyers should still contact industry professionals before placing an offer, but it is a great place to start.

    4) Magic Plan
    Magic Plan is a great application for buyers to create floor plans of their potential new home and ensure all their furniture will fit. It can be helpful for comparing multiple properties. Often buyers view many homes before limiting to their top choices and at that point some of the details, especially regarding dimensions and floor plans, can be forgotten. This app saves all of this information and allows buyers to compare properties and determine which will be the best fit for them.

    5)LingoDiction: Real Estate Dictionary
    You may already be familiar with LingoDiction, a language app that has many useful functions outside of the real estate world. It can be used when traveling to learn new words and phrases in another language or as a translation tool. LingoDiction offers a subset app, LingoDiction Real Estate Dictionary, which is specifically designed for translating the Real Estate Industry language. Within the buying/selling experience it can be very helpful for understanding the complicated legal diction used on contracts and in conversations with industry professionals. LingoDiction offers a variety of web tutorials on this exact subject, including one titled “Real Estate Dictionary for Beginners.”

    With all of these great apps, buyers and sellers have all the information at their fingertips. This combined with an experienced professional realtor, will make the hardest financial decision many people make that much easier to navigate. We are here to help you through this process. Please contact the team at Jacobo Realty if you are considering buying or selling your home.

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