Have You Tried The Cardiff Crack??

    What is Cardiff Crack?? A local favorite, the Cardiff community has been raving about for years! The secret is out! Cardiff Crack is a delicious, perfectly marinated and tender tri-tip from the Seaside Market on San Elijo Ave. This tri-tip is marinated in a burgundy pepper marinade, using a secret recipe, that makes the meat tender and full of flavor. The marinade is what makes this tri-tip exceptional, but good meat to start is a necessity. Seaside starts with a USDA Choice trimmed tri tip.
    Cardiff Crack  was originally called Burgundy Pepper Tri Tip, and later given the nickname “Cardiff Crack” by customers. It was created in 1986 at Cardiff Seaside Market by brothers Pete and John Najjar, owners of the store. It began as an experiment with different spices and marinades to create a unique, affordable item for grilling by locals at home and for the campers that swarmed to San Elijo State Campground every year. Working with a local spice company, Pete took the lead and through many trials, settled on a recipe that, when combined with the secret vacuum tumbling process, resulted in the current offering. Only USDA Choice, U.S. raised beef is used. The Burgundy Pepper Tri Tip sold steadily through the early 1990s and sales began to rapidly increase beginning in 2003.
    Today the Cardiff Crack fanbase is becoming something of a cult following. Come join this Cardiff Crack craze. Tuesdays are the best day to try some of this delicious world famous tri tip. On Tuesday the Seaside Market has a Taco Tuesdays tent out front the market, with a grill making made to order tacos, burritos and bowls. The Cardiff Crack is their most popular item, but they also serve chicken and fish.  Also on Tuesdays, the Lumberyard Tavern in Encinitas offers Tri Tip Tuesdays featuring tri tip sandwiches and tacos, along with a special that includes a tri tip sandwich, fries and a 16oz beer for $11.95. If you can’t make it out to Cardiff on a Tuesday, you can come by the Seaside Market anytime to purchase a tri tip sandwich from the deli. You can also purchase the 3.5lb tri tip uncooked for $40 and take it home to grill yourself.  If all else fails, the world famous tri tip is now available for purchase online. To order some of your own Cardiff Crack, or to view recipes and videos, check out the website: https://cardiffcrack.com/
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      Ms. Mendoza, I truly enjoyed this article about Cardiff Crack. I plan to buy one for Sunday of Labor Day weekend for a BBQ with a few friends, and my wife and I wondered if you would like to join us. We would be most honored.


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