A Spotlight on the Community: Oceanside

    Oceanside, CA, is the northernmost beach community in San Diego County. Known as The Gateway to San Diego, Oceanside has a rich history. Including a proud military background, unique surf community and an eclectic foodie and brewery scene.Oceanside is well known for it’s 3.5 miles of perfect white sandy beaches and ideal weather. With its year round sunny climate, and average temperature of 70 degrees, Oceanside’s weather has been rated by USA Today as the second most ideal climate in the United States, and the fifth most ideal weather in the world.

    The historic wooden pier is an Oceanside landmark and has inspired countless artists over the years. The Oceanside Pier, first built in 1888 (and now in its sixth incarnation), is one of the longest wooden piers on the western United States coastline at 1,942 feet.The historic Oceanside Pier is a prized community resource as well as a monument to its citizens’ persistence in seeing that a pier remains a part of its oceanfront recreational facilities. From its reach, viewers can peer into the entrance channel of Oceanside Harbor, a 900 + boat recreational marina that sits along the northwest borders of the city. The pier is a recreational common ground for Oceanside, a place where young and old, fisherman and surfer, tourist and residents mingle, stroll, and sit to watch the waves or the sunset while enjoying the beauty of the Pacific Ocean.

    Step back in time by visiting the historic Mission San Luis Rey de Francia, the “King of the Missions.” Mission San Luis Rey de Francia, named in honor of St. Louis, King of France, is located in a secluded valley four miles east of Highway 5 in Oceanside. Founded in June 1798 by Father Fermin Francisco de Lasuen, the Mission is one of the most architecturally impressive of all the California missions. Built of adobe and faced with brick, it is a composite of Spanish, Mexican, and Moorish styles. For over thirty years the mission prospered under the direction of Father Antonio Peyri. By 1801, over 300 Indians had been enrolled in the mission, making it one of the most populous in California. After secularization in the 1830’s, the mission grounds were used for bullfights and later, as a military post by U.S. troops. In 1893, the mission was rededicated as a Franciscan seminary. Today, the “King of Missions” includes a picnic area, museum and gift shop.

    Continuing on our trip through time, the Oceanside Harbor and idealyc Cape-Cod style Harbor Village are reminiscent of late 19th century Nantucket. The Harbor Village features shops, eateries, and a lighthouse, along with the nearby Harbor Beach, and offers the seafarer or motor visitor an enchanting experience of color and atmosphere. Unlike most ports, all boats are visible from a two-lane asphalt drive encircling the Oceanside Harbor shoreline. Oceanside’s Harbor is a mecca for sport-fishing, whale watching, boating and other water-oriented activities.

    The California Surf Museum is focused on preserving the unique surf community history of Oceanside and is located in downtown Oceanside. Until the California Surf Museum was opened, very little had been done in an organized way to preserve the history of surfing, its boards, or its fascinating artifacts. At a time when the historical roots of many beach communities are rapidly changing and/or disappearing, the California Surf Museum is rising to the challenge of providing a strong link between the oceans, many ocean sports, and the lifestyles of the community. The museum is actively locating, collecting, documenting and preserving historic surfing related artifacts and memorabilia. Through a series of rotating exhibits, the California Surf Museum presents a varied picture of the many facet of surfing.

    Oceanside is quickly developing a well respected foodie and beer scene in San Diego. With new and exciting restaurants popping up constantly, some of the top mentions go to 333 Pacific, part of the Cohn Restaurant Group, and Harney Sushi, in the Oceanside Downtown. The Flying PIg Pub and Kitchen is new to the area and is garnering a lot of positive attention. With favorites such as the truffle mac and cheese, pork belly and risotto; they offer elevated comfort food. As the name suggests, there is distinct favoritism towards pork. The Flying PIg also offers a large array of local craft beers. Oceanside’s Craft Beer scene is up and coming, carving out a distinct niche within the San Diego Beer Industry. Many of the top names in San Diego beer have opened up locations in Oceanside, most notably Stone’s new facility, The Stone Company Store. Oceanside also has smaller more eclectic breweries unique to the community. Breakwater Brewery is one of the oldest. Located in the downtown area of Oceanside, Breakwater is famous for brews such as the Beach Honey Ale and the Todos Santos Double IPA. They also have a great selection of pizzas and sandwiches including the Po’boy Pizza with shrimp and garlic sauce. Bagby Brewery is a very new brewery in Oceanside. With a large outdoor beer garden the restaurant takes full advantage of the perfect Oceanside weather year round. Bagby’s sense of humor comes through in their witty beer names, such as the Frown Upside Down Brown, the Hop Whompus and the Grief Counselor. In addition to wide array of their own brews, they also have a long beer list with craft beers from all over San Diego.

    Oceanside is literally at the top of San Diego County, and figuratively at the top of San Diego’s beaches, historical sites, restaurants and breweries! If you are interested in joining the Oceanside community, contact the team at the Jacobo Realty Group, we are experts in the area and can help you find the distinct and unique home perfect for you.

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