2 Encinitas Restaurant Fires A Month Apart?

    Encinitas is known for it’s many unique local restaurants. These restaurants are gems, treasures to the Encinitas community. That is why the two recent fires in local restaurants have some Encinitas locals wondering.
    The first fire happened July 2, 2015 at Zenbu and Rimels. Located in the Seaside Market shopping center at 2801 San Elijo Ave. in Cardiff. Zenbu is a high-end sushi restaurant which shares the space with Rimels, a farm-to-table rotisserie restaurant.  The two-alarm roof fire caused no injuries. It was reported shortly before 9:15 a.m. at Zenbu, according to fire officials. It took fire crews from Encinitas, Solana Beach and Carlsbad about an hour to put out the flames. The restaurants were not yet open for business when the fire started. Nobody was injured and the cause of the flames is still being determined, according to Encinitas Fire Marshal Anita Pupping.
    The fire was burning inside a heat duct that runs from a stove hood in the kitchen of Rimel’s and on through the roof over both adjoining, ground-floor restaurants, Encinitas Fire Marshall Anita Pupping said. She said it took firefighters almost 90 minutes to find the source of the smoke and flames, douse them, then ensure no other areas were smoldering.
    Nearly a dozen fire trucks from Encinitas, Carlsbad and Solana Beach fire departments and two ambulances responded to the fire.
    On August 2, 2015, in the evening, a second fire erupted at a local Encinitas restaurant. This time it was at Fish 101 at 1468 N Coast Highway in the center of Downtown Encinitas.  
    Fish 101 is ran by a husband & wife chef duo. They prepare sustainably-caught local fish in Californian cuisine fashion. On August 11 Fish 101 posted on their facebook page “We had a small kitchen fire last week and were hoping to reopen this week. Unfortunately, the repairs will take longer than anticipated. We thank our community for your support and patience.”
    Unfortunately, further information about the recent fire at Fish 101 is not known at this time. The cause has not yet been announced. 
    Encinitas locals are wondering if there could be a common thread between these two fires. With Rimels & Zenbu still closed for repairs, and now Fish 101 closed at least until September, Encinitas is short 3 of it’s best local restaurants.
    Below is a photo of the fire crews at Rimels & Zenbu on July 2, 2015.
    zenbu fire 2

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